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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us

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The Fault in Our Stars

There are very few moments that create the feeling of that proverbial shift in life. Once in a while if we pay attention, we may notice something that inspires us. This inspiration is the driving force that we define as growth.

I have just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and I am left speechless. This beautiful and tragic story has the unique capability of also creating a sense of duty. I do not feel that I will now go and change the world—or even myself—but I do have a sense of appreciation. 

As I read TFIOS, I began to think back to moments in life that made me happy, and more importantly, the moments I took for granted. I will not dwell on the moments I have missed, but I am excited for the new ones I will soon create. 

A reoccurring question in TFIOS is, what happens when we die? While the book never really answers this questions, the book allowed me to ponder my own beliefs and in turn create validation. In my humble opinion this is the mark of a great book.

I believe that the theoretical heaven that Judeo-Christians describe is as fictional as sparkly vampires (sorry Twilight), but this is not to say that there isn’t Something—with a capital S. I have always believed that this world is too perfect, and humans are too perfect for everything to be accidental. while I do believe that some things in life are random, the probability of life occurring in the way that it does is too rare. There is so much beauty in our world—both wonderful and tragic—to overlook. If we were to ever just sit and think (no pun intended) and recognize all the wonderful things in our world, we would realize that there is just too much to appreciate. It is important to marvel at the small things in life, because they tend to be the most important and the most beautiful of all.

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